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my hate and your want of cultural eugenics

I have packed each of the 13 buckets with extreme care.

I packed this bucket to survive the tsunami I’m under constant threat of, living here on the oregon coast of the united states of america…

the mike hunt bucket of hate also represents the “end-times” paranoia and wanting a portion of my DNA, my creative legacy, to be on the top of the pile for future archaeologists to dig out and understand… the mistakes of man.

I think if anything, this bucket, the “dark” artists from this moment, if nothing else, we sure as fuck documented the ills and mistakes of a species that had a hard time deciding if it wanted to evolve or stagnate and wither away.

here’s what you should expect in this bucket when you un-cap this epic bucket of a time-capsule.

note, the prices next to the items I found after a quick internet search… those prices go up and down and not by much. I give those prices to show the value of the books and art inside the bucket and, to illustrate this is not only a museum quality relic, this is also a high end investment… not that a fucking investment will mater when the shit goes down. (I half joke)

the most important thing for me is that these important works are held by more than just me, that they are cared for by those of the alternative minded, that they are protected by all who feel the hidden history is protected for the future to find and learn from.

the buckeye includes 7 envelopes – two very large, industrial and acid free bubble envelopes with custom lettering and mike hunt logo embedded into and on the envelope – a smaller bubble envelope with original art and micro chip and two paper envelops packed with zines and news papers and fliers and stickers all wrapped in acid free, protective and individual envelopes.


ok, here you go…

- handwritten, one of a kind note written for watch bucket, each note is 100% original with a  embedded secret story… signed.


- a hand wood-burned, one of a kind original art,  box of protection and wish, holding a 4GB computer chip full of unreleased and ultra rare films, books, audio and more!!!  very angry stuff including the directors cut of club satan and the complete audio from the radio jihad sessions.


- suffering and celebration – hardcover book (retail – $100-$300)

this mother fucker took years off of my life and years to produce… honesty about others is easy – about the self it is hard.


- worst of boiled angel – (retail – $200)

the cover was, at the moment mike turned it in, illegal… depictions of children in sexual situations went all the way to the supreme court… this cover caused last gasp in SF to ask us to sticker the book before they’d sell it… we did… and I did so folks would ask why and I could tell them – king of the underground was a big – fat pussy.


-Extermination Zone -  (retail – $20)

I had nihilists hand this back asking for a refund… more than once. I never gave them the refund.


- True Crime Warped Mind BOOK -  (retail – $20)

threw this together in a week and a weekend and it shows! typos galore… I like to tell folks I was channeling my inner serial killer.


- Answer Me #4 The Rape Issue – (retail – $50 – $100)

w/ rape board game & chocolate impulse zine


goad my know how to write,but he is a desperate poser… a wanna be for all the wrong reasons – but what can you expect of the writer who moves to LA to make it rich as the suck idea from the underground.


- cooking with a serial killer recipes from dorothea puente cookbook SIGNED BY KILLER – (retail – $50)

love’d thea… we had a long run doing this book – thea was an a #1 hustler… what I know is, she didn’t do it alone… the first was natural, the rest were egged on by her boyfriend.


- club satan DVD with promo poster, flyer and black mass wafer – (retail – $50)

turning middle age it was a dream to be able to write & direct a porn – I’ve worked within the industry here and there, but this was extra cool… and wet and warm.


- dana plato’s last breath book and CD – (retail – $200)

nothing but sorrow… from the moment I hear’d until now… and forever. I did this out of love, some interpret it as “sick” and they are correct, but the “sick” thing about this book is… it’s TRUE!


- expo of the extreme program guide, flyer and newspaper – the expo of the extreme was a major historic event as far as dark, underground art goes… the festivals the wife and I have produced has 100% influenced the huge corporate run fests of today… in one moment I think regret, that I should have focused and I’d be rich… another moment I know keeping it real as far as the art & culture I love goes, is of my religion…  truly a historic moment for the dark arts of our lifetime…featuring morttis, ron jeremy, seka and more.


- metal fest program guide – this was the fist non-zine thing I ever did as far as magazines go… it was the moment I started helping with a fest, this lead to me coming up with the idea and working on the lalapalooza alt. press booth and the first lalapalooza… they called the next year asking if I’d help – I told them not after how they treated “refuse and resist” – an invited guests to the tent, for, guess what – “refusing and resisting” – I sometimes regret that, and then not, I mean, again – rich is a motive, but working with assholes is death.


- naked aggression – my first real zine!!! I produced this zine while living in and out of my car… I’ve probably slept on some of these as a sprawled them out in the front seat of my chevette so I had a more comfortable sleep.


- MF magazine #3 with Anton LaVey’s last interview. oh Dr. LaVey – I miss you. it was nothing but an honor… and to add this to my last interviews – I did the last interviews with gg allin – anton lavey and dana plato.


- trench coat diaries magazine – fun with school shooters… this zine was put out with a video of the surveillance footage from the columbine school shootings… I relate with the rage of the school shooter – I’ve always wanted to be an advocate for the school shooter.


- singles and seconds comic book – this comix brought a lawsuit to the artist king velveeta – kraft cheese decided to sue him – he cried and gave in and lost… later some one did a doc of the deal and good ol’ michael hunt publishing was never mentioned… though we had a rich history with the artist and were the only reason anyone cared about his art on a cultural/underground level… we brought the legit to his art cred – rich kid underground legitimacy – a definite regret… but the comix is a collectible.


- good day to die zine – another very early zine… I had a ton of death pics and this came out… I seem to recall, after I did this a handful of death picture books hit the shelves.


- superfly #1 – mike diana first ever comic book. I produced this as mike was on trial and eventually sent it to the prosecution asking them to roll it tight and stick it up their ass… they brought my note and the comic to court to show the judge in an effort to get mike more punishment. ooopps. – this was also the FIRST underground comic to be printed with a 6 color cover.


- superfly #2 -  the follow up… and, rare in comparison to superfly #1


- bad pills #1 – (retail – $20 – $200) – what a comic – one of the rarest ever… and the most offensive for sure… nothing has topped it, ever. brutal and beautiful… amazing art – SHK use to do art for a kiddie clothing company… so, subversive… the last comix I published and my favorite of all of them as far as content goes.


- frank phantom – (retail – $5 – $10) – I tried – the lesson here, don’t listen to the artist… this guy had some great work but insisted this needed to be published first – no one cared… well, Bjork did…. the comic included a huge Bjork story.


- might is right paperback edition of 13 ($50)

the cover of this edition is the cover LaVey personally described to me… I couldn’t find an original copy, so I had an artist re-do it for me.


- boiled angel #7 & #ate covers SIGNED – flat, never folded. – these were signed while mike was still going to court for the eventual obscenity charges he faces. ($100) – had mike sign me 100 of each cover to be added to books I was printing… it was less expensive to send mike the covers to sign rather than the full books – found these years later… guess they didn’t sell as well as I thought they would.


- SEKA art print SIGNED ($25) – I put on an art-show called the court of porn… the first court of porn I enlisted seka to play with us… that was a dream to say the least… anyway, the artist I was working with at the time drew up the art, another screen printed it and seka signed it.


- christians beware art print SIGNED edition of 13 ($50) - I made this just for this bucket.

even more…


- adversary newspaper for 666 eve event in L.A. – to date, the largest public satanic ritual… an event we there in LA while living in the middle of the minnesotan woods.


- chicago at night – multiple copies, including the first edition. – this is an adult entertainment newspaper I started in Chicago with Amy… we sold ads to strip clubs and escort services and printed underground comix and did stories on the underground arts.


- ely pride 1 & 2 an arts and entertainment paper we published when we lived in ely, minnesota… this was the same town the literally and collectively shunned us, running us out of town eventually.


- extreme times newspaper – club satan & wtf fest edition – a newspaper we publish when we are looking to promote an event while making it look all journalistic and legit.


- true crime warped minds newspaper – this was produced to give out on one of the true crime road shows.


- a christmas story / shep fest newspaper – while living in hammond, indiana we produced an event, bringing the actors from the film a christmas story to town to basically promote the writings and life and legacy of jean shepherd… this is the newspaper we produced to promote that event.


- RFS CD #1 – I’ve produced and given away over a quarter of a million CD featuring heavy metal and extreme music… this was one of those CDs, it was published to give away at the 666 Live in LA event.


- Crowley for president collectible metal coin. - a cool project I helped out with… it was fun to leave thousands of these all over the USA.


- thanx lino cut print – hand made and signed by both myself and amy, my wife and creative collaborator.


I’ve stuffed this bucket as stuffed as stuffed can be… here’s a summary of the odds and ends and smaller items also included in this archive of hate for loves sake.


extras and oddities including…


- mike hunt 2001 catalog


- evilnow 1″ pin


- horror club 1″pin


- dream machine plans


- surprise patch and pins made just for this release.


- interviews with shane bugbee and mike diana in pork magazine


- handful of limited edition, enamel pins


- small stack of limited edition, embroidered patches.


The Mike Hunt Bucket of HATE has loads of extras included… stickers, pins, flyers and odd items that I had so few i couldn’t guarantee I had one for each bucket, that’s correct, I had less than 13 of most of the ultra rare items I’ve added in this envelope



Cultural eugenics

Obscene is obsolete, this is true to a point. The internet has made obscene obsolete… It has also brought on a guarded expression and a silent and subliminal self censorship.

This bucket of historic hate is full of some of the last moments of true, human, political and artistic expression – expression with little fear and even less self-censorship… and why would we be afraid? back in the day, you had to come to our world looking for literary trouble.

Today, with our “it’s a click away” transparent and instant culture, there’s a feeling that there is no room for mistakes as far as which side you’re on or what you might say to offend everyone from you neighbor to your employer to your landlord.

If you consider what the underground was… Underground, untraceable, in the closet, not transparent at all… Hidden. This 5 gallon mausoleum also seems to capture the death throes of the underground.

While my bucket of hate might seem passé, that couldn’t be further from the truth… In fact this is an amazing document of an art movement that lived and died as the internet birth’d a new future, a very radical and different future than the days of industry.

This is beyond brute art.

This is

a grain of sand blowing in the winds of change.

a grain of sand that is stuck in the eye of our society,

ripping and tearing and scratching at the old world view.

no matter the politically correct tribes want of cultural eugenics

surreal and abstract expression

its really all the human heart and mind understands.

we will continue to express, with love and hate and emotions…

or we will wither and die a slow, painful, grey and less than mediocre death.